Designing is procrastinations

I’ve been busy with other stuff, but its about time to get back into my project.

I’ve been thinking about the design of the project. I’ve decided to make many smaller projects that all follow a pattern. I’ll scrap the current design and create something a little different. Each type of service will be it’s own “project” or “application”. For example, I’ll be making a “Users” project, then a “comments” project, an “auth” project etc etc.

It may make a lot more project folders and take a little longer per “module”, but then I can package each of these into 1 ear and bundle and it’ll all still work fine. But then it really separates the modules. So why do it like this? It allows me to have these modules that I can use anywhere else. If my project sucks (or doesn’t satisfy the market), I can quickly and easily reuse parts of this to put together. How different would a “person” service be each time (and if it does change, i can custom tweak the “base” one to fit the needs rather quickly).

With this mind set, I’m creating many small tools that can be used to quickly throw proof of concepts (or even full blown products). Effectively I can throw out many projects in a shorter time (wont have to sift through the code and try pull out what I need).

Also, it stops to much designing. Designing is a form of procrastination. You can just keep going and going and adding and adding but never really get anywhere. So first up is a simple user service to login.


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